Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post card pic

Post card pic by jvanhyfte
Post card pic, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

The mighty Mississippi!

Early Mock up

Early Mock up by jvanhyfte
Early Mock up, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

Had a custom sprocket made by Sprocket Specialists in order to run a harley wheel on the rear.

Shop....never enough room!

Shop....never enough room! by jvanhyfte
Shop....never enough room!, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

I need a bigger shop!

Stock sporty fender minus one inch right down the center

after shot of an inch removed out of the center. Now to narrow stock tail light bezel and lens! Should be cool as fuck! after welding of coarse. By the way My girlfriend called me a pussy because I was going to send the Tank out to SlimFab to have narrowed. Sounds like a challenge! Sorry Slim. See ya at born free. Something on this bike will be a custom piece from Slim!!!!

Stock sporty rear fender

Stock sporty rear fender by jvanhyfte
Stock sporty rear fender, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

marked center for cut

Mocked up

Mocked up by jvanhyfte
Mocked up, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

currently designing super narrow trees for this project. Shaved fork lowers. I'm going to narrow a stock rear sportster fender by an inch for this bike. if you dont know what your looking at you would never know. If you do it will be pretty killer. stay tuned

Tank narrowed

2012-06-02_19-12-37_476-1 by jvanhyfte
2012-06-02_19-12-37_476-1, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

marked center with laser level. cut 3/4" from both sides. This is how it looks next to a stock tank. I'll hole saw out the old gas filler area and make a patch piece to weld in and then move the new filler bung to the crown of the tank. (don't mind the fucking mess in the back ground! constantly moving shit around in this damn garage.)

Yammy project.

2012-05-24_07-21-24_122 by jvanhyfte
2012-05-24_07-21-24_122, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

Going to narrow a frisco tank from lowbrow. Hugh's hand built PMA, Pamco ignition Mike's XS header. moving slow on this one at the moment but sure to go balls out when I get back from Born Free!


2012-05-24_07-21-34_745 by jvanhyfte
2012-05-24_07-21-34_745, a photo by jvanhyfte on Flickr.

This is my latest project. 1980 Yamaha XS650. Sporty forks, spool 21" up front. harley 16" out back. Avon rubber. Custom hardtail frame with 2" stretch. Mocked up. Stay tuned on this one. Gonna make this one wild!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I scored an old springer from years gone by from my buddy Wade Braggs, guitar player in the band "the lucky cheats" out of Vegas for the sum of $20. that's right...20 bucks! Thanks Wade!
We chopped off about 8" off the bottom to bring it down to level. Added a 21" spool wheel and some t-bars i had laying around and the front was done. The top tree was missing so after a little figuring Mike came up with the top tree. New Avon rubber for and aft. Powder coated the frame. above is a mock up.
I will start with the chopper at the top of the page. This bike was acquired as a scoot that had been sitting packed away in some dudes garage for quite a few years. i happened into to it through my good friend Steve Boyle.
It was really cool but was badly raked and in need of some serious attention! I was introduced to a Cat up in Fulton, Illinois named Mike Rathburn who does frame mods and just about anything else that you could think of. I looked him up and after telling him exactly what frame modifications I wanted done he got to work. Mike is definitely someone you'll wanna check out.

After a very short time this is what was created.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I'm Jim VanHyfte. I am a builder in Bettendorf, Ia. I'm just getting this Blog site up and running with the help of Ms. Maya. (thank you Nene)
I will be posting pics of the builds I have built in the past as well as photo progress of the projects I am currently working on. I will be attending Born free in Cali. next week and will have extensive photo candy for all of those who couldn't make it to the show.
  feel free to stop by and have a look as often as you like and tell you friends as well. I'll try to keep things interesting here.
  I also am in the process of designing and making products for sale avail. here,as well as products from  others more than likely.
Thanks for stopping by!